January 19th, 2017



THINKING: What Good Did You Do Today? What Good Did You Speak Into Someone’s Life? We all have an opportunity to make our world better?

Our first African American President and family knew this and did a lot of good for the country during 2009 – 2017.  Many accomplishments were made even among obstacles that were put before them by Democrats & Republicans that chose not to recognize or support an African American president.

The Commander in Chief and Mrs. Obama and the girls gave what they had to make the country better and stay the course. They demonstrated how and what a people can do when a call is answered to live your purpose. Perhaps they even talked among themselves to confirm if they were all on one accord. We can imagine but we will never know how much they gave up, endured, the burdens they carried (every day), nor how much it cost them to model being the first family. They put their lives out there realizing they would be taken apart, critiqued, examined and belittled, and it was, yet, they served well, with dignity and respect.  They did a great work and they didn’t come down even if the people they served thought they could have done more.

What did, will or can you do today to make our world better without expecting any thing in return?

The least we all can do to make our world better is do good and “love our neighbors” as we have been instructed to do without expecting anything in return. People need people and with the instructions and commandments that have been left for us to follow along with the senses we are equipped with and the ability and knowledge we have acquired, without doubt, we can if we think we can, do better than what we are doing, but we have to overcome the threshold of selfishness and take on the cares and needs of one another without giving it second thought. Yes, even many Christians (esp. those who appear self-righteous) try to comply but too often are not willing to extend oneself to others, especially with individuals they disagree with or something they see in another individual that they don’t like. I would like to see more Christians practicing what is preached without focusing on what benefits are available for them, what thanks will they get or how will they be recognized.

When someone say something in appreciation for something you do for them just say, “today it was my turn, tomorrow it’s yours”. I fully support the idea of “Pay It Forward”, and if you believe it, push it forward. Too bad we don’t see much of this being publicized today. The Christian religion has much to do with helping one another. Even small acts of kindness in time can make our world a much better place to live if put into practice along with unconditional love for one another.


August 27th, 2016

Nice, quiet day….life is good. Life is always a miracle in motion. Every day is unique and every moment is so precious. We each have our own purpose and much work to do that will last us a  lifetime. You only travel each day of life once. Time is not waiting for you so enjoy your every moment (good or bad) because the gift of life is life itself.
Find time to….
……do what makes you happy
……be with who makes you smile
……laugh as much as you breathe
……love as long as you live
……take a walk through nature and listen
……dig your fingers into the soil of the earth to plant and grow something
……do nothing
The world is full of nice people if you can’t find one be one and…
……have coffee/tea with a friend
……go somewhere special
……do what you have always wanted to do
……be with the one you really love and you know love you
……do something for someone who can never repay you back
Include people in your life that…
……truly love you
……motivate you
……encourage you
……inspire you
……likes the same things you like
Those who never seem to have time to share life with you or those who want to take up all of your time, let them go.  Yet, life is so good when you take time to form remarkable friendships. When you wake up in the morning sit in silence for at least ten minutes. Pray for someone. Thank God and ask Him to reveal your purpose for being and to guide you throughout the day.


May 17th, 2016

Two million wed every year in the U. S. June is the most popular month for weddings, then August and May. But first before you get there say you’re still looking for the right person. Where do you go? How do you find a life-long partner to accompany you through life? These are questions to ponder when you are moving from the single life.

Years ago, courtship (known today as engagement) was the way of life to really get to know a person before marriage. You need to not only be physically attracted to each other but resonate with each other’s values, ideas and religion. For instance, consider being in a relationship with someone who spends most of their time enjoying the outdoor life and you are a homebody who loves staying inside the home. Look at the heart (for humility, kindness, compassion, meekness, patience, sincerity, generosity) and not the outward appearance.

We can never change an individual into a new person or into the person we want them to be? This can be as difficult as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If someone wants to spend their life with you they need to know who you are. You should be authentic and your natural self.

Life today has certainly changed. Courting back in the days of yesteryear was valuable time spent to determine if it was God’s will for two people to marry each other. According to divorce rates today, surely courting is a thing of the past and it is unfortunate we see too many marriages fail. Many today are unhappy together wishing they had done the courtship period.

If you want to find your life partner don’t fake your way into someone’s life. Don’t pretend to like or agree with things you don’t. Really learn how to listen to each other. Learn about differences and similarities. Communicate and learn how to respect & enjoy each other, and work through problem areas. Learn how to compromise (find that middle ground). Get to know family members. Don’t assume if you live up to someone’s expectations they will change. Be your genuine self. Many spend precious years together unhappy in a relationship simply because they didn’t make time to get to know one another. Lastly, listen to your heart.

If you want to meet your life partner, someone you are equally yoked with, get involved with something you like to do you just might meet the person who enjoy and like the same to accompany you through the rest of your life. It’s important to know if you can get over the first crazy, rough and intense years (5 at least for most if you have really done the courtship), the rest will be calmer.

Don’t spend too much of your time scouting and looking but more time on what you like to do you just might be surprised


January 20th, 2016

Failure is not an option in life. Throughout my journey, I have often felt off tract while my gut would always say, more to be done. I grew up under the default plan of life and family desires for their off-springs – you know, get rich and live the good life (better than the life we had).

Growing older, I have resorted instead to live a fulfilling life. Once I left behind my biases, my expectations, my comforts and others desires for me, and the surprises that came with this change, essential growth took place and I gained clarity about my own purpose for being.
Once you awaken the leader in you and know your values, see the need in everyday problems that need challenged and feel the need in you to be challenged for opportunities to grow, that is when you began living a fulfilling life.  That is when  you start during extraordinary work in making your contribution to the world.

My success was in discovering who I am, to whom I belong, why I am here and where I feel and have a natural advantage for not failing my mission.  Right now I’m smiling.  What makes you smile?


January 8th, 2016


“Birds do it, bees do it.  Even educated fleas do it.  Let’s do it, let’s fall in love”  ~ella fitzgerald

We are living in a period making drastic changes to the very essence of our lives, a time that is crucial to live as a unified body of individuals.  Community is shaped by the way we relate to one another according to spiritual guidelines.  We get there by assuming 100 percent responsibility for our lives and the role each of us play.  There is not one of us who can say, “I don’t need anybody” and proceed to make life work.  We do need each other!  We were made to work in teams!  We need each other to create a wonderful and safe place to live and survive.  Yet, until we know how to love each other and make a concerted effort to stop hurting each other we can’t do any of this.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that a lot of us (yep, you & I), have been or is paddling like ducks to survive in a world that’s separating us from each other.  The average adult’s network of friends has decreased over the past 3 decades.  Our world needs fixing and only we can do it but, we first must stop waiting for something magical to happen. We each have to take responsibility to close the gap and it starts with stop saying “no” when our hearts says “yes I need you to survive”.

All of us (you & I) still is or have experienced some degree of abandonment, if only for a short time.  We get lonely, get depressed and often feel stuck in our tracks.  Even when we want to take a leap of faith we are held back by our own fears, doubts, and lack of trust in each other.  Even when someone presents themselves in genuineness and honesty we miss what God is giving us.  We try to make sense of the feeling of our own questions of “why am I feeling this way” and question our most precious gift – the ability to love.  We fear everyone is looking for something from us.

Loneliness is a struggle many want admit.  We want to appear we’re ok, therefore, we hide it or pretend it isn’t there…but is it.  It’s there when we spend hours online, in between relationships or things aren’t going well with a significant other or when we have no specific love interest.  We even initiate and stay in bad relationships in order to avoid loneliness.  It tempts us with easy fixes and rash decisions.  We stop believing in ourselves and many have lost all confidence and hope for a better future.

Loneliness feel awful!  As the world get more and more connected to social media and every hand holds a cell phone, it will actually become easier to feel a plague of loneliness in 2016.

Loneliness was the first thing God’s eye named not good.  He intends for us to share our lives with each other.  “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make him a helper suitable for him.”

There is someone for everyone. It’s up to you to do the necessary work and take the step necessary to break free from loneliness by asking God for the courage to try new things and trust Him to give you an abundant life that includes intimate and faithful friendships and a life that works to create community for a sustainable future.


November 12th, 2015


Your alarm goes off again. It’s time to put your mind over your mattress and prepare for what’s ahead realizing every moment of life is precious.
When our day is ruled by chaos, clutter or toxicity we have let time get away from us and it can easily start with hitting the snooze button one more time.

As you start your day I hope this inspires you to seize the moment and look forward to an enjoyable and fulfilling day. It all start with finding pleasure in the little things like starting the day with a good cup of hot coffee or tea, review your personal mission statement, or read and meditate before moving forward.

Right now I am getting my creative juices flowing. When I share this part of me with you and hit the publish button it’s a great feeling. I find happiness when I am working to build rewarding relationships. Unconditional love brings me inner peace and starts my day with a spiritual awakening. Who I am always gives rise to what I do each day.

The best way to enjoy your work is to take pride in whatever work you do without waiting for someone to compliment you, or stop thinking about a raise or promotion and more about building rewarding relationships with your customers, clients and co-workers. Never be too busy to laugh or too serious to smile, and find a way throughout the day to enjoy a little of nature. It can be done even on cold or cloudy days while commuting to and from work or sitting by a window if you are indoor. Usually it’s the most ordinary moments that stand out at the end of day.

Once your work day is ended take care of your health, prepare and eat a good meal, relax (like really relax), meditate before winding down for bed and be grateful for what you have and what you were able to do. I hope your day is enjoyable and fulfilling.

My daily morning prayer, “Father I stretch my hands to you, no other help I know. I trust you throughout the entire course of this day to lead me in the way I should go”.


September 2nd, 2015

SEPTEMBER! WOW! Summer is almost over and we are about to kick off another season of great memories.
Life is short, live it.
Love is often rare, grab it.
Fear is a mind killer, face it.
Anger, hate, resentment & jealousy is bad, let go of it.

Summer memories can be sweet & long lasting, don’t you agree? We have just enough time left to store beautiful ones in our nervous system before we move to another season. Make them and cherish them. I would like to share one of my favorite memories with you.
My mom was diagnosed with dementia in 2007 and as a caregiver to an Alz patient I have grown. What I have learned has impacted my life in so many ways. (Yep, I know, but I have discovered age does not stop us from learning. Even with a track record of being here 7 decades, I’m still growing) I have memories of all the beautiful people and their contributions that God has been gracious in sending to help me and inspire me to be and do all that He has for me to care for, especially during challenging days. I remember the many times He has even orchestrated special moments with her to calm my heart that have left awesome memories and yes, I am thankful for the gift of writing what I know for sure that He has given me. I am convinced we know what we are here to do and once we accept that (big or small) or (as hard as it may be) we’re free to move on with our mission.
“I may not be able to churn the butter any more but I have sweet memories from drinking the milk”. ~ew


June 27th, 2015

WOW!!!!!!!!  We are half way through 2015!!!  So tell me how are your goals going that you set six months ago?

Every day of life is a journey.  I hope you are enjoying the flavors of each day.  Today is another special gift and golden opportunity for many to finish what you were unable to complete yesterday and for others to start a new path leading to inner peace, health, happiness and fulfillment.   Take a minute to let that sink in and let’s talk about how we can Live Our Truth.

Are you living  your truth or are you living in the hidden pockets of your consciousness?  My experiences of caregiving (fighting stress and preventing burnout), and my interactions with individuals (seeing behaviors with compassion and being forgiving)  have increased my level of awareness to be more honest about who I am and how I love.  Of course I’m still a work in progress with obstacles standing in my way and hurdles to cross.  Some morning I even start my day with thoughts of  “why” I should get up and look my best, be my best and do my best.  After realizing I can place my feet on the floor, find my way to the bathroom and see how to go about my morning rituals, the “hows” of survival usually takes care of themselves.  With each season, I’m still growing and changing, and living from and out of my truth, and my deep connection with nature sets me free to be  me.   I like the peacefulness of the quiet morning and I make sure I create a space every day to indulge in it and practice gratitude.  Being spiritually prepared for the day keeps me stronger, better, wiser, more confident, empowered and determined to live my truth.

A spiritual guru I am not, but I do have a non denominational spiritual practice of meditating.  Meditation takes lots of practice.  Early mornings are best for me before my mind gets filled with the days clutter.  On any day you may find me either  immersed in the pleasure of preparing a favorite recipe, chilling quietly among nature, lighting a candle or listening to music that is gentle to soul – all which helps me to refocus.  Whenever my  mind tend to wander too much into planning or worrying or thinking about what’s next on my agenda meditation brings me back to where I should be.  Most of you who really know me know I love gardening and getting my hands in the soil of the earth.  Nature has a profound effect upon my senses, increase my level of awareness and always seemingly gives me a burst of energy.  You may have your own tradition meditation methods that suits you and as long as you have one that’s good.  If you have I’m sure you too have had tears of joy to come streaming down your face when you feel within you are connected to a higher power than yourself, and yes that same power is not just living in some of us but all of us.   I believe there is no wrong time to meditate as long as your intentions are to clear, release and balance the body, mind and spirit.  What another person use to quiet their mind may not necessarily be for you.  Only you can know deep inside what is best for you for a clear access to your truth.

The heart speaks to us many times about our purpose for being here.  Sometime we are even allowed to enter loneliness – away from people who easily derail us from our destiny, just so we can clearly listen to our heart for answers.  Just think for a moment about what you like about you, and don’t compromise who you are especially in the area of love.  Your best days are when you live your truth, love your life and express your love.

You feel good when you are on the right path.  When you are not you feel agitated, disillusioned, lonely, often irritated and have less patience with others.  When you are only focused on spending all your time making lots of money, or obtaining a high level of business success, or trying to get recognition for what you have done, and you end up alone without friends or family to care about you, then what was the point of all that hard work and no play. Never get so busy making a living you forget to make a life.   You don’t have to have the best of everything but you can make the best of everything you have  including your experiences.  You will need these memories when you slow down.  I challenge you today, to be brave and break out from old routines, and step into your greatness and many possibilities to live your truth and enjoy your life.

Living your true self mean embracing your true gifts and exercising all that is good within you.  You no longer try to prove your self-worth, keep up with styles and trends, or imitate what you see others do.   You create and enjoy your own personal style that matches and expresses your true nature.  You are more confident in carrying out your dos and don’t.  You discover what you love to do and take pride in how you do it.  You offer your best to others and inspire them to do the same.  Feeling physically and mentally alive every day require a deliberate intent to get as much as you can out of every day.

No one can put your life in the right perspective but you.  You know your truth better than family, friends or what media wants to change you into. When you live your truth, you trust, think, act and speak for yourself and your heart is behind every decision you make.

Your future starts now and only “you” know the path and way that is best for you.  Chart your course wisely.   There are incredible surprises in store for all of us.  You were not born to fail or idle time away.  Believe in yourself and make steps to show up, shape up and share your truth.  Hey, half of the year is gone.  Get a move on!  Don’t waste another day!  You are at the right place and living in the right time to Live Your Truth.



March 6th, 2015
What do you like about you?  What can you do that once it is  done you feel good knowing it’s a, “job well done”  It is so important to live our true selves and stop comparing ourselves with others.  When we use our gifts and abilities we are the best of who we were meant to be. As much as we try to emulate what others do we can’t.  We never will be that individual or do life the way they do it.  The trap of comparing oneself with someone you admire will stop you from being you.  Do you and by all means compliment others on what you admire about them.
When we compare we trap gremlins and those voices can easily convince us that we are inferior to another human. It’s good to admire what others do but only to use it to inspire us and to try new things with our own talents and perfect our own skills.  If not you will surely get stuck in the comparison trap in all areas of life, whether it’s the person’s way of dressing, their lifestyle, work, the way they talk or even the kind of home they have made for themselves. We too often think our talents are silly, not good enough and far from being worthy and we fail at being persistence in using them.  Instead use your own personality and have a clear understanding of who you are and what you can create.
It breaks my heart as I observe how our children give up on things (they really want to do) much because they have adopted our habits of comparing ourselves with others. Even teachers can do much damage in the classroom to students and have no idea they are doing it.
I can recall many times someone has given me a compliment on something, whereas, I thought that certain something was my worse.  I would try to justify it instead of simply saying, “thank you”.  Who we are and how we are created are so necessary for our wellbeing.  Happiness starts on the inside.  What we have on the inside of us no one can express it better than us because there is only one of us, that received it like we received it.
My work dances at the intersection of places and things and especially people, in hope it enable someone to live at their best every day.  I aim to inspire, encourage, provoke, delight, and enable imagination and wonder.  I believe, if we can imagine it, we can make it happen.
We never know how our work will touch someone who has been guided in our direction, which is one reason why I keep sharing what I am given.  We all are creative being so don’t allow fear self-doubt and judgment get in the way of your gifts.  Find your authentic creative self to show and be proud of it.  The only green light we need to move forward is inside of us


February 1st, 2015


Glad to be here and glad you’re here too!  We don’t get to live life among others exactly the way we want to. Even as much as we might want someone to fill a certain role in our lives, they have to want to do it.
Three things I have learned…
1) People don’t always know how much I care in order to reciprocate.
2) People want change just because I stays on them.
3) People generally change when they themselves come to realize what they might lose if they don’t or the discomfort of doing things differently is better than the pain of not.
It is our caring for others that makes us work as hard as we do to build relationships. But trying to change someone to satisfy what we want for them can cause stress and discomfort. It’s like trying to thread the small eye of a needle with thick yarn or trying to smash a square peg into a round hole.
We have to find boundaries in our lives – when to say no, when to say yes and when to let go. Having boundaries mean knowing what or who to let go of instead of holding on too tight. This can be difficult especially when we think we need something or that someone need us. Sometime the harder we try to change something (to get it like we want it) or remake an individual (into who we would like them to be), things and situations gets worse. But when we focus on changing ourselves the world around us change for the better.
The more I live and learn the more I discover how to love and know how important it is to love myself first. The hardest of all was moving past my expectations of others. I had to learn to be patient to hear with an open mind lessons that are often laid before me. Learning patience has helped to face the struggles I come up against as I travel through life in the face of pain and suffering. I find now when I accept people as they are, and respond to reality of life as it is, it’s becoming much easier to love people and life as it is.
When we nurture ourselves to be strong and healthy to support our self we heal and find peace within to journey through life.
“Lord, help me to accept the things I can’t change and the wisdom to know I can only change myself”.
~Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved